So I just raced my dad in his MR-S today, he has a CAI and I am 100% stock. He wouldnt give me from a dig and he wouldnt let me go from boost so we settled on a 5mph rolling start. We both started from 1st gear, when he honked 3 times we both just floored it. He pulled until I hit boost and managed a car length on me in that short time, as I shifted to second he pulled another half car length then he shifted to second and I regained about a car length. From 30ish to 100ish he kept that 1/2 car and then we shut down. Now Im not the greatest driver in the world and my shifts were slower than his but shouldnt I have pulled harder than that on his little NA 138 car? I thought for sure Id take him once I hit boost but it just didnt happen.