Ok, I am going down this 4 lane road thats completely wide open, there are some cars behind us but pretty far back. The guy in the CLK55 AMG semi guns it and lets off so I was like oooooooo he wants to play. A second after he did that we hit a red light and so I waaaasssssssss going to launch on him but the light changed before we came to a complete stop and so I rolled into first at 5mph and he wasn't going so I shift to 2nd and thats when he decided to gun it. I was at about 2,500rpms in 2nd and just pressed the gas down slowly then all the way down. I started pulling immidiately but it was inching..........that is until I hit full boost and I started to pull a little harder. By the time we were at the 70-80mph I had maybe 1-1.5 car lengths on him then I started to slow down, he whizzed by me as I was slowing down and turned at the next street.

Afterwards I was like WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE but yeah I really need a tune badly. I have been talking to Bill of i-speed/crawford and he thinks that I am running really strong in the mid range but my top end is actually running slower than stock. Everyone keeps telling me "once you get a tune, it will be like a whole new car" so I am going to try and set up an appointment soon and hopefully it will cure my car from it's sickness.