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This is a discussion on '03 WRX vs. '06 Honda Si within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally Posted by 4WDwRx Aww man... I need to get an SI. the wrx suck even with its awd. The ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4WDwRx
    Aww man... I need to get an SI. the wrx suck even with its awd.
    The benefit of the wrx is its power mods. And don't get me wrong, you can make the wrx outhandle a civic si with a good suspension/tire setup, and even with the si upgrading it will become driver dependant as more and more factory parts are replaced on each vehicle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by udelslayer
    I get it, I get it. You dont have to gang up on me.
    /hangs head in shame

    I thought the car was designed to be able to drive on less firm surfaces. Didnt know people are this picky. Gawd! Hell no I wont race my Subaru.... GAWD! I've only owned one for 3 weeks.
    No one was ganging up on you... But that is just such a ridiculous thing to say.. "yeah, sure the si handles better and is more nimble, but lets see how it does in snow or gravel".

    You are correct that the wrx is designed for less firm surfaces... Hence the large amount of suspension travel it has, but in the end that equates for relatively little due to all the body roll the stock suspension experiences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DTR rex
    given equal drivers, he will DESTROY you.

    A stock suspension 02-05 wrx has absolutely nothing on a new civic si. I am running full suspension (struts, springs, sway bars) and had trouble keeping up with one that was only running springs

    The car is just too nimble and operates with an excellent LSD system which allows it to accelerate rather well out of corners. Car and driver said it was the least FWD car they had ever driven that was actually FWD.

    I agree. I just sold my EP3 about 3 weeks ago. I had trouble keeping up with a stock FG (06' SI) and I had every bolt-on known to man. They're putting down about 180hp to the wheels and they're a lot lighter than a rex. Watch out.

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    i know this has nothing to do with handling, but my problem with the new si is the huge amount of space under the windshield - it's like a dinner table.
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    Hey I dont think thats childish of him to say "why dont you bring it to gravel or snow". it wouldnt be fair if F1 was racing in WRC or vice versa. o man what are we saying.. stop the arguing ... i'll say 80% of the SI owners will probably race one directional anyways.
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    stock for stock the si will most likely win in the corners.....they do handle very well but once you hit a straight the wrx will pull ahead
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    Good lord!

    Kind of back on topic, a friend of mine recently picked up a '12 Si. It's real clean, but lacking a little in the powa department.

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    Nothing new here.
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