I was out last night, riding around and taking photos. Stopped at a red light before the long uphill section of a bridge. A riced out, primered nissan sentra (early 90s) pulls up next to me. My eyes take some notes: wheels worth more than the car, teenagers, backwards hats, gangsta seat option, bad rap music. They're staring at me for a while so I wasn't shocked when he starts revving his engine over and over again. This is going to funny, I think.

Light turns green and here I sit, purposely not moving for five seconds just in case a cop is watching. The mighty sentra bucks forward and .... stalls. Now they won't look at me and the driver is frantically trying to get the car started, eventually succeeds, and takes off like a Segway. Judging from his exhaust note he kept in it until about 80mph and I swear it took over 30 seconds to do it.

I guess you could say I won when I passed the intersection line at 5mph, idling in first.