Is there something wrong here with me or my car?

I acknowledge it could be me - maybe I don't know how to drive my car as well as I thought. Maybe I suck as a driver. Or, maybe there is something wrong with my car.

For fun, my buddy and I decided to go and do some runs out on some deserted back roads tonight. I take him on the jump, but he holds with me right at my tail. On a 30mph roll, he jumps me and then I keep with him. On a 60mph roll, I jump him a tiny bit, then we hold together.

Now, here is what is confusing me. He has a 2003 Saab 9-3 Linear 2.0t. It is bone stock (supposedly, he bought it used) and has only 175hp. I (supposedly) have 255hp (stage 1) on a WRX. His turbo does spool faster (and I can hear it over mine when running side by side at WOT. But seriously, I have more torque.

Here are the specs of a 2003 9-3 Linear:
Horsepower: 175 hp
Max Horsepower: 5500 rpm
Torque: 195 ft-lbs.
Max Torque: 2500 rpm

As for weight, I'm not positive, but I think it is somewhere right around ours (~3000lbs).

According to Cobb, I should have around 255HP / 260 ft-lbs. So we're talking 80hp and 65ft-lbs more on my car. But even underestimating to 240ish, still...

Ok, so I have AWD and he has FWD. So I know I have more drivetrain loss. But to the tune of 80hp and 65ft-lbs?

My car has the gpmoto elbow and K&N panel filter. The filter has ~25k on it. Oil changes with Mobil 1 have been done every 3k starting at 6k (did dino oil before that). I pulled apart my airbox, and noticed what looked to be something white (powder?) coating some of the inside of the hose running from the airbox to the turbo(?). The MAF temp sensor looked a bit dusty, but only a bit, the back was clean. I didn't touch it. I had, earlier today, adjusted my wastegate arm by one full turn only. Driving it after that seemed to give the impression, of, perhaps, faster spool, but only maybe a .2psi increase in peak steady boost to 13.8psi (spiked to 14.4, though).

Now, as for me - on the launch, rev up to 4-5k, slip the clutch nice and smooth, no lurch, no burnt clutch smell, felt like a smooth launch. On the 30mph rolling start, held steady in 2nd (prolly should've stayed in 1st), then floored it. For the 60mph, held speed in 3rd, then floored it. We kinda did a 45ish roll, held that one in 2nd, then floored it. On the 30mph roll, he got the jump on me (I heard his turbo spool like a beast, spooling up insanely fast). The other rolling starts were pretty even, or I had 1/2 a car length. On the dead stop, I got the jump (thanks AWD), but then he held pretty stead about 1-2 car lengths behind.

So - me, or my car? Or does he have a stage 1 ecu flash and not know it? There is an AccessPort like device for these cars that flash them to 210hp. The car didn't have one when he bought it, but we all know there are other ways to flash an ECU. Is there anything under the hood to look for so he can know if it was modded previously or not? Looks like a stock wastegate (no BOV) and I couldn't see a MBC, but then, I don't know where to look on a Saab.

Oh, and yes, street racing is bad. It was just the two of us, as far from anyone as we could get.