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    Gti is probably the most luxury you can get out of a cheap sporty car. If you don't care about luxury, wrx is prob the best choice. Focus st is pretty awesome and almost like a cross between the two. If you have the money, the new golf r is going to be amazing.

    If we are talking about Benz/BMW/audi., don't even waste your time. Cadillac ats is the best choice out of that category, hands down. 2.0t in the caddy pushing out 272hp, with a nicer interior, superior sound system and better handling, for less money than the competition.

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    Sorry - a long review of GTI and WRX. Won't happen again because I bought the WRX:

    "Motivated by positive reviews I test drove a 2015 GTI SE with DSG, a 2015 GTI SE with a 6 speed, and a 2015 base WRX with a 6 speed over the same route this past week. For context I currently drive a BMW 335d Msport with H&R sways but otherwise stock.

    I drove the two GTIs first. Gosh I love the looks of the new GTI – they really are lovely cars. The finish inside is good and there is plenty of space for people and stuff. The intrusion of the center stack into the driver’s footwell left me with a sore knee, but by jiggering the seat and wheel aft I was able to find a more comfy, but far from ideal driving position.

    Ride-wise I was very pleasantly surprised how nicely the GTI feels. I haven’t been in another 3,000 lb car that rides as nicely as the GTI, ever. Smooth on all kinds of pavement and firm to the ground on the straights. Really terrific. Felt like the old Mercedes cabs I used to ride around in Germany in the 80’s. I could definitely get used to the GTI’s ride and, for a commute, it would be comfortable and safe, nimble and small, with great sight lines in each direction.

    I confess myself both disappointed and puzzled in regards to the performance aspects of the 2015 GTI however. Body roll is excessive even in sport mode, left-right steering wobbly, vector braking during hard cornering unnerving, steering disconnected and vague, and acceleration lackluster. One of the car rags got a 5.6 second 0-60 out of a Euro spec manual version with summer shoes – C&D I think – but all the other UK and U.S. professional reviewers get 0-60 times from the low to high 6’s depending on tranny and tires, with 6.5-7.0 seconds being the norm for amateurs on blogs and on Youtube. I can forgive the GTI its steering faults since hydraulic setups are like dinosaurs now, but the GTI is supposed to be a HOT hatch whereas I’m not sure it can even claim warmth. And, when I drove my 335d home I felt a great deal of satisfaction, like I got what I paid for.

    That was before I drove the WRX the next day, when I experienced exactly the opposite feeling. Wow! What a terrific performance car – I nearly left the lot with it. In regards to the WRX’s physical attributes the car is just ok – not in any way vastly inferior to the GTI but plainer in the looks category. The instrumentation is much busier than the GTI for one thing, but nothing feels cheap – just uninspired and random. Stance is fine but the body is weird looking; not butt ugly but not in any way particularly attractive either. The stereo in the base model WRX is as ghastly as the SE-level GTI’s Fender setup is sweet (that Vivaldi on the ride to work is gonna sound spectacular in the SE or Autobahn level GTI’s), but the footwell/center stack is roomier for my knees in the WRX than in the GTI, the backseat accommodating with good legroom, and the seats on par with the GTI’s. Still, from the physical perspective, the advantage tilts heavily towards the GTI, which is much better looking while also being moderately better accommodated and better laid out control-wise.

    Where the two cars diverge by much wider margins are in all the performance categories. To me these cars are simply not comparable in regards to performance and it does a disservice to both to try to lump them together categorically. Where the GTI rolls in the corners, the WRX’s body angle is much flatter, and cornering with power in the WRX is just terrific. The WRX ride is on the firm side and less luxurious than the GTI’s but also much more connected and perfectly suitable for daily driving. In all fairness in regards to acceleration and handling the WRX probably benefits from the Dunlop summer cladding in the same measure that the GTI suffers from its all-seasons, so we’ll have to wait until someone throws a set of Michelin PSS’s on a Mk7 GTI, straps on the test gear, and throws down, but until you can really buy a 2015 GTI with the optional summer tires this is a moot point and I’d bet you’d improve handling and acceleration only marginally by doing so, merely closing a bit what is a very large performance gap to begin with. Steering is much more tactile in the WRX than the GTI and unlike with the GTI, where there seems to be some slop in quick left-right-left moves, the WRX goes immediately and exactly where you point it. Turn-in is quick, cornering at speed is WOW!!!-good, and hard lefts or rights from a stop are a grin-spitting thrill.

    And acceleration in the WRX? It is no-kidding-for-reals good. Reported times in the hands of professionals and amateurs alike are in the low to mid 5’s and it felt that quick to me coming from a car that routinely goes below 6. And the WRX sounds better than the GTI doing it. The fun pedal is accompanied by the expected rumble whereas the GTI accelerates with a much more subdued tone. I cannot speak meaningfully to efficiency, though I can say that the DSG-equipped GTI had 39 miles on the ODO and was getting 14.9 MPG, probably due to being driven cold a lot over very short distances and hooning test drivers. Still, if you are buying a 2015 GTI because it is fast AND efficient I daresay the likelihood of getting neither is much higher than that of getting one, the other, or both. As for the gearboxes I personally felt similarly about the both 6 speeds – both are great – but I hated the DSG. I’m sure the DSG is fine but that’s one of the things I like least about my 335d – cars with performance pretentions are driven in a more engaging fashion with a manual.

    In the end, these two cars are very different, making apt comparisons moot. If you like a sweet, sedate, smooth, Mercedes-like ride in a $30k hatch with a modicum of handling, some scoot, and demure manners then the GTI is your ride (and before anyone tags me with the “Mercedes-like” thing I was just in Iceland for a couple of days and drove a Mercedes A-series diesel of which the GTI reminded me a great deal). If, on the other hand, genuine hot performance is your priority then get the WRX. I found it to be preferable to my current 335d as a performance car in almost all regards – a legitimate sub-$30k sports car that now, a week later, sits in my garage."

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    ^^ Exactly this. Tested both as well, and like tonyspumoni a wrx sits in my driveway a week after testing it. Nice review and pretty spot on IMO. Wrx is a proper sports car, gti is a nice sporty hatch.

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