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This is a discussion on Sweet race vid... within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally Posted by rage-wrx I would have laughed just as hard if it had been an import or even a ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rage-wrx View Post
    I would have laughed just as hard if it had been an import or even a Subaru.
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    thanks for the good laugh! i missed it till just now. school kid on a bike.... lets see how stupid these two are... told you! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by EJ257 View Post
    Not surprising. The videotaker got a clear shot of both their license plates...

    No insurance claims will be approved because of this either, so they'll be paying for this out of pocket as well.
    Haha. Definately not good on the rates. Insurance will cover this, I do claims for a living and get these claims all the time. The only time something is not covered is if it is an intentional act (ie, Person A intentionally rams person B due to road rage or some other form of reasoning) fortunately for these jokers insurance covers stupidity.

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    They didn't account for the different type of pavement with less tire adhesion. He was probably close to WOT too and as soon as a little curve in the road formed...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RayfieldsWRX View Post

    edit: I did all sorts of dumber things than this when I was a kid. Impromptu streetracing, triple digit speeds on 45mph roads, etc. I had some close calls. I would expect someone viewing a video of me doing those things to call me an idiot.

    Still an idiot now...I just hide it better on good days.
    LOL thats awesome!!!

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    o my, waste of 2 good cars

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