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This is a discussion on anyone race a 2010 MS3 within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally Posted by MainFrame You do realize you can launch the car just the same from 5mph? You aren't required ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MainFrame View Post
    You do realize you can launch the car just the same from 5mph? You aren't required to just hammer the gas and bog the hell out of it because you are already rolling.. push the clutch in, rev it up to 5k, and launch it.

    Many years ago there was this guy that wanted to race my old stage two bugeye in his truck. He wanted to go from a 10mph roll because he thought that would give him a big advantage. He was pretty surprised when I chirped the tires and instantly had three car lengths on him.
    Ah, I wasn't talking about launching I was talking about street start. That is defined as simply mashing the accelerator at 5 mph.
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    There is an aftermarket for the MS3s- several companies that make exhausts and intake parts, engine and transmission mounts, etc. We've all been waiting (impatiently) while Cobb Tuning cracked the latest style's ecu codes but (and I barely understand a lot of the tuning jargon) it doesn't sound like the gains we'd all hoped for will be simple/safe. Cobb is still in the testing phases of the AP for the new MS3.
    We just got back from a little trip down to NJ and everything felt great, so maybe I'll hold off on the WRX for now. The problem is that the next time I drive it, something will make me hate the car! That's been my history with it, so far.

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    After seeing this thread I read up on the ms3 and found a mazadaspeed forum in which allot of folks had multiple kill stories against wrx/sti, evo's, and many more. I couldn't speak first hand because I never got to line my 09 rex up against one but from their kill section it looks like they hang pretty well against the scoobies and the lancers. Although, most of the threads I read were from a roll and it didn't seem like allot of those guys wanted to go from a stop. I guess their 3rd gear is pretty strong.

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    They don't like to go from a stop because there's some electronic wizardry that reduces power in an attempt to combat torque steer. So off the line they're at a disadvantage. But once moving they're quick.
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