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This is a discussion on My finished Lancia Evo within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally Posted by maranellohouse SD_GR I'd be very interested in your thoughts on the G Ambulance. I wanted a G ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by maranellohouse View Post
    SD_GR I'd be very interested in your thoughts on the G Ambulance. I wanted a G for years but now I have it its not getting much driving as I'm to busy with home and work and I use public transport a lot.
    I love public transport!

    The G ambulance with which I am familiar is a 462 series made under license by ELBO. Provision was for a driver, two attendants, and two casualties in stacked stretchers laid out lengthwise in the back. I believe several thousand are still in service, though as I was about to move on to other things the G was being supplanted by the larger, posher GD290.

    If you want to build an interesting G I'd consider either a Paris-Dakar "Jacky Ickx" replica or even better, a Popemobile.
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    That is one beautiful machine.

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    Here, do any of you guys live near Tennessee? A little Fiat Panda 4x4 I restored a couple of years ago is in the Lane motor museum there. I'm going on hols to Disneyland in May and was hoping to drive up and see it there until I seen how far away it is from Kissamee! So I'm not going to get to see it.

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    I'll be in Dublin late May and here I have been wasting my time finding out about bringing liquor back when I needed to be researching how to bring a Lancia. Beautiful work, thanks for sharing.
    Not as many parts left over this time... what am I missing?

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