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Hey everyone,

I hope this is the right place to post this question. I currently have a 2004 wrx w/cobb stage 2. Im soon going to upgrade to the cobb vf39/stage 2.5 map with vf39, sti tmic, sti pink injectors and walbro 255 fp. Now, my question is, with this setup, approximately how fast will my quarter mile time and trap speeds be. Im really curious to know before I head out to the track once I get this setup installed

Also, what will be my quarter mile time and trap speed w/ a stage 2.5 Protune.

Also, I know that the times and trap speeds will differ from driver to driver depending on driving skills and conditions, but I want to know what the most achievable times and trap speeds are with this setup considering that the driver is flawless and conditions are very good and the track is at a low altitude, etc.

Thank you for your time
go to a track and find out. I dont have a magic crystal ball