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I would try checking the sub-forums of this website to see if you can find the region closest to you and ask there. Or try NASIOC. Or IWSTI. There's so many WRX forums it's hard to keep track. But congrats on a great find man! I want a Cobalt SS so bad. I hope they don't stop making them. I had to get rid of my WRX but I told myself I will own a turbo'd car once again and my heart is pretty set on the Cobalt SS/TC. It's amazing and affordable.
well, im sorry to say, I think 2010 is the cobalt SS's last year :/ not to mention I think they only made about 2500 turbo cobalts between 2008-2010 so far. they certainly are a rareity. the sedan model only came out for 2009 and I guess it didnt sell well or thats when GM had its huge crisis so they stopped production early.

And if I recall GM sent out a letter they stated that they were not going to slap SS emblems for every make and model, in fact I heard they were cutting the SS models out completely. They said it was a mistake to put SS on their cobalt (referring to 2007 SS sedan) and I also believe this is why they stopped making the sedan SS in 2009.