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Itís kind of funny, the suggestion that criticisms require ownership. If thatís right, then we shouldnít give low marks to the Kia Rondo, unless weíve owned one. No thanks. Of course, the Kia is no Audi, but itís precisely because of my criticisms of the current S4 that I wonít own one.

Whatís slow? My view of speed isnít absolute, it takes into account performance and cost and modifiability. When Iím through with the STI, Iím certain to have something faster for the money than the current S4. Whether itís a modified 135i, M3, or even a C6, who knows? But Iíd rather have any of these instead of the current S4.
yeah i have a similar definition of fast. And speaking of the 1 and 3 series bimmers with the 3 Liter I-6 TT, when the warranties expire on those cars theyre going to be monsters. Stage 2 (chip + exhaust) theyre putting out about 380+HP and 400+tq.