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This is a discussion on 540i vs 05 STI within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally Posted by RayfieldsWRX Scott jumps in to spoil the boyracer demographic.. I looked hard at a 540 6-speed that ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayfieldsWRX View Post
    Scott jumps in to spoil the boyracer demographic..
    I looked hard at a 540 6-speed that was for sale in my area a few years ago. Wonderful car.
    Before I traded my 328i in for my WRX, I got to test drive and almost bought a 2001-ish M5. I know it's not the 540i, but I just had to throw this out there... Never been in anything that fast in my life. I'll be honest, I stalled the engine twice from a dead stop. Not used to the sensitivity and delicacy of 400hp...
    But on the on-ramp to the highway...I was blown away... I've never been in a car that rocketed you back in your seat like a friggin ride at 6 Flags like that before!

    I stopped myself from getting it because it had 80,000miles and cost $22k. Told myself it would cost too much $... so what did I do instead a few weeks later? Buy a $22k WRX lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lundholm08 View Post
    Hey, I know it's not the 540i, but seriously watch this E36 M3 driven by a 15year old kid outrun the police...in a police modified Camaro... the kid is leaving him in the dust at 150mph HOLY CRAP!

    YouTube - Police vs. BMW E30 M3

    That year M3 had 240hp, but the 350hp Camaro can't catch him? Tell me this isn't real guys...

    That video is ancient. And that BMW was modified. The storyline is a well known fake. The driver was never caught.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brfatal View Post

    That video is ancient. And that BMW was modified. The storyline is a well known fake. The driver was never caught.
    Yea, I know it is ancient, but I just got around to watching it recently lol. What do you think the BMW had, a supercharger? It was flying...
    And yea, I guess they never caught the driver I heard that...too funny!

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    I agree, I'd take an STi for a daily driver... unless I was rich maybe...lol

    I would take a new one for free and sell it to pay off an STI and get some mods making it do circles around any year M3.
    Unless it was a DINAN tuned new M3...

    Oh but I was looking into a 335xi awhile back and 300 hp at a large rev range does seem nice even if it is heavier then my STI. mmmm twin turbo
    Have you seen what DINAN can/did do to the 335i? Holy crap:

    YouTube - Shoot Out - BMW "Sibling Rivalry" Dinan 335i vs. M3

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    Quote Originally Posted by viperuws View Post
    An AVERAGE STI not a rally STI. You take a curb with a STI and you will blow a few tires, crack the rims and break the suspension.

    And if both were new and I could sell it...M3 and buy a STI and make a profit. If I couldn't sell it...STI.

    I don't know how the new M3 compares on the track to a STI considering they added that V8 and made it a boat. I liked the idea of the old M3 that was the light performance car and the M5 and 6 were their boat performance cars. Then again I shouldn't be calling them boats considering I don't know how they handle.

    Not to mention I am not a professional driver so trying to get away in an AWD vehicle would be easier then a RWD one in my opinion. Then again the STI is a lot more noticeable.
    I can see what you're saying, but the new M3 is by no means a boat... BMW manages an almost perfect 50/50 weight distribution with almost all their cars, especially their pride and joy M3.

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    This is my first post here, and I find this a really interesting thread. I am considering a WRX (actually, my wife is considering it...a five door). But I have a 99 540i/6 I bought new. We also have a Miata (wife's current car) and....I have to admit this....an APR Stg 1 GTI.

    But I digress. The 540i is a very solid car and above 100 MPH the largish V8 is going to be difficult for a stock wrx. It's a very strong 282 HP if you get the drift. From a dig the wrx is going to walk the BMW, but there's more to the BMW story. My 540i is no longer a rocket off the line (if it ever was), but it is not a slouch either and it was a very fast car when I got it in 99. Now, 10 years later, it's not as impressive but it's still a very nice sort of heavy duty ride. To be honest, it's been hard for me to sell it because for the money I can get for it, it will be hard to think what would be nicer to own for going downtown....or long distance. But it's not a small, handy car like an STI or a GTI or a MS3, and of course, it's a more expensive car to maintain especially as an older car.

    But one of the fun things you can do is take a BMW sedan and hanging the tail out on a twisty road. You will of course be traveling at a high rate of knots if you are doing that bercause those cars stick. It is a very confidence inspiring car in good weather and the mid range punch is still impressive 10 years later. And it's really long legged.

    Anybody buying a MT BMW is going to be an enthusiast driver, and if they went with an M car, chances are they are not posing. BTW, the 540i/6 has the M Technic suspension and was the fastest 5 series available until the E39 M5 was launched in 2000, and the guys buying them weren't getting them just because they were pretty...the cars were among the fastest mid-sized luxury sedans on the road back then. And any BMW is going to handle better than you think it has a right to. It's a package deal.

    Now I am encouraging my wife to get the WRX because I think it would be fun to have in the family. We'll probably trade the BMW for it if that's how she goes. If so, we'll probably keep the Miata and definitely the GTI. But that 540i was a great fun car all these years, and still rides and runs like it was carved out of one block. But hello Subie! I liked the WRX I drove a good bit and hope my wife does the right thing! I think she'll really like it and I know I would!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Romchik View Post
    Hey.. my best friend just got a 1998 540i and all I hear from him is how much faster and better it is then my STI I am not planning to race him or anything im just wondering if any of you guys/girls came accross one or know how these match up. The STI is bone stock as well as the BMW.
    Thanks for the response.
    having owned two 540i's... a next to stock and a dinan stage II, and now owning a modded wrx, i can say that the bmw has a lot more torque and high end, but it won't beat you in the short run. the bmw should have 290hp, and with those ridiculous 2.90 gears you should stomp him(especially if it's an auto not a 6spd)

    however, as far as being better? better built and more reilable? yeah, probably. more solid? definitely! more classy, roomy, and comfortable? absolutely! but definitely not more fun to drive in the twisties! and about 3x as expensive to fix as your sti

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    I have been challenged by a 540i before (that era to). I drive a dead-stock 08 WRX and tore him apart. We only got up to about 70, so I don't know how well I would have been high end. I would assume the V8 would start to pull on me a bit. regardless, i have a good 2-3 car lengths between me and him. Your STI would have no problem taking your friend down if the opportunity arose...
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    sorta relavent,

    i hung on the tail of a 550i up to about 120, he wasn't gaining any space on me.

    ver8 ej207 with twinscroll vf37
    i put down about 270 to the wheels

    120km on a closed circuit, wink wink.

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    Screw the M3, and the STI, I'm jumping in the 06 M Coupe around the corner.

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