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oh ya! With the uppipe and AP stage 1 you'll def see spool earlier. You should think about dropping around 150$ more for a ebay downpipe and go stage 2. THEN you'll have some seriously earlier spool times. Like right now i see full boost at like 2900 RPM vs 3800RPM stock (for me anyway).

Not only that but im now getting 4 mpg better. Granted im an auto...so tough to compare.

Im not sure the race is gonna happen. Im working at a different job now, and i havent seen the guy for a while. So who knows.

BTW Spike93, are there any good AWD dynos up around your neck of the woods?
i'm actually going to reflash to stage one and stay there for a while, then i will bet a tanabe tbe, so i'll wait on the down pipe.
I just hope stage 1 with an up pipe will give me some more power

Yeah there are a few AWD dynos in denver, they mainly specialize in DSM's tho, but they can work on anything