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This is a discussion on A horrible, horrible kill...(long) within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally Posted by idipskoalmint I had a buddy who got a speeding ticket for going under the posted speed limit ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by idipskoalmint View Post
    I had a buddy who got a speeding ticket for going under the posted speed limit (according to him, 10-15mph under) - got it for "driving too fast for the conditions"

    Sucks for him, but his truck went off the road - he was running summer tires during a NY winter
    In MD there are a ton of "speed" related violations...they are not "speeding" tickets.

    Can you get a ticket without being paced, caught on some sort of radar, or a time trap....sure.

    Would it take anything more then a semi retarded monkey to fight it in court and win...NO.

    A police officer's eye ball is not a caliberated peice of machinery. Unless your speed caused an accident or almost caused an accident it's not "unsafe" in my eyes (and I'm sure the courts will agree). Unless you do something silly like pass a cop who is already going X amount of speed and he can say "I was going 40 in a 40 and the car past me at which appeared to be a high rate of speed" then it's not much that can be done.

    Can a police officer issue the ticket...sure...people get arrested all the time who are found innocent. Same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 302@12psi View Post
    In what state is that?

    It wouldnt hold up in court, atleast not in MD. There is a "Speed greater then reasonable" charge in MD along with the other generic speeding citations. Greater then reasonable is fairly hard to explain in court.

    No radar, no pace, no other kind of timing device (using landmarks/strips on the road), then no actual speeding ticket here.
    In MA there is actually a section on the ticket for how the officer determined your speed. It's two check boxes, one is radar and the other is estimate. I have been given a ticket for an "estimated" speed.

    Granted, these tickets are probably pretty easy to fight but for one reason or another I didn't fight this one.
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