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    Many kills

    Lately I been having some fun with my car and I'm a little unhappy with the power is making

    1-I race a camero z28 I had 2 people on my car I pull on him like 2 car lengths from 60 to 120

    2-A new Mustang GT or Shelby (I don't know for sure) from 40 to 120. From 40 to 60 I jump 1 car length than he catch up and then were death even until 120

    3- A GT-R r32 right hand drive , he had and exhaust and could hear his BOV I destroy him .

    4- A Nissan 240sx Turbo he had a passenger. That was I driver's match, from 40 to 120. I jump a head than he catch up and he shift and I go ahead like a car length, than I shift to 4th and he pulls on me like two car lengths

    5- A BMW 540i 1997 he has and exhaust and I think is gutted,
    from 40-140 he kept up with me and when I shift to fifth my car hit fuel cut 3 times and got the flashing cruise control

    I have a 07 WRX VF39, STI TMIC and gimmick turbo inlet with OST Cobb map. I need to get protune or get a bigger turbo.

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    keep it on the what the cop will say when u get caught and he's handing you your ticket
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    You're gonna beat all those drivers to the grave.
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    Please go DIAF.

    Thanks for putting my loved ones in danger like that. And just so you know, when you kill one of my friends with your stupidity and serve a life sentence in prison, I'll be sure to have my friend Bubba show you a good time daily in the big house.

    And I never wish bad upon anyone, but you're a special case. At the very least, please get in a horrendous wreck that leaves your body in a vegetative state so you can never drive again. KTHX!
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    I juant you to throw yourself into a woodchipper.
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    WOW...that was short lived.

    Street racing with 2 people ON your car? Rather it be a typo or the truth, either way it makes you sound dumb.
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