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This is a discussion on EVO vs STi within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally Posted by Damian STi Lol, he sux. he almost cried. i didnt even know a track would let you ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damian STi View Post
    Lol, he sux. he almost cried. i didnt even know a track would let you run a 1/4 with a passenger and a camera.
    The passenger kept him in the 12's!
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    i own a 07 WRX with HKS catback and an Evo7 with modified catback, filter and lowering springs. i must say that even the WRX has more Torque than the Evo at low rpms, same i think goes to the STI. but the Evo pulls at high rpms. Evo's ride is really stiff but tigher steering while the WRX has a better feel inside with more comfy ride and really, really lovely sound ( im sure you all agree). my WRX is my DD and the Evo is my Track car ( just to break it)

    here in Manila, STIs (subbies in general) are a level higher in prestige than the Evos ( a girlfriend once called it " cute Lancer").
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    well god damn. and evo and a wrx huh? thats awesome. overall i like the sti's look better, especially the interior. im glad i chose an sti. i never even test drove the evo. once i sat in the sti i wanted it, i said screw the mitsu dealer. evos last yr was 06 anyways, i didnt want a car that sat in the parking lot for 2 yrs. i wanted something a lil newer, especially since i could afford it. i only drove an evo once, during my brothers wedding in 04, and the guy had about $5000.00 dropped in the motor so that doesnt even count as a test drive as far as stock vs stock goes. but whatever. this thread helped me out a ton. thanks guys

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