I also agree that the whole "DSM is unreliable" thing is a bit overblown. Yes, they require a lot of hands-on upkeep but they're not all that bad either. I bought my first one new in 1992 and have had almost a dozen of 'em, including a Galant VR4 and 89 Mirage turbo. They're not "gas and go", but parts don't fall off while you drive either.

The problem is compounded when people buy cars that old and expect to just start modding them. It's got to be understood from the beginning that you'll have to spend a great deal of money, sometimes more than the car's purchase price, to get it into shape.

I will say this though - if I saw a clean 1g turbo (esp. 92-94) with sub-100k miles for $1600, I'd be headed to the bank and there'd be another car in my driveway! Sadly there aren't many nice 1g's out there anymore. I guess restoring one will be my "midlife crisis" thing in another 10 years