Raced a nice yellow Saturan
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    Raced a nice yellow Saturan

    Well as me a and my cousins were coming back from a BBall tourny from Wis, I was driving my cousins h23 prelude non-vtec, since he was kinda tired of driving. So as i was cruiseing along, i noticed a nice shiny yellow saturan behind me. I figure it was nothing until he passed me and i notice it had tinted windows and a N1 muffler so i just decided to pick on him since it was going to be a long trip back to MI (got to have some fun).

    Luckly we both ended up on a red light, so i was like, OK i'll give a little gas to see if he wants to play, so i rev a couple times to see if he revs back, but No go, so as the light turn green i just accel slowly in 1st to see if he floors it. as i went into second he floors it so i follow suit. he gets the jump on me and gets a fender length. (Note I have like me and 3 other people in the car with me plus all of our luggage in the truck so that is a lot of weight) As 2nd gear ends i end up side by side with him and start to pull away slowly as i shift to 3rd and put a car lenth as i went to 4th and shut down. I figured he would do a ricer flyby and so he does. Oh yeah he was wearing a visor also so thats just makes it more funny just because it reminds me of the VTEC song. hahahah Good stuff though.
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    Cool. It's spelt, 'Saturn'
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    Whats up with all these Saturns? I've been seeing annoying saturns everywhere lately.
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