Not the new coupe SI, but the last hatchback with the funny shifter in the dash.

Some kid with spiky hair (I'm an old man with spiky hair) pulled next to me on the free way cruising at 70. He guns it and gets 2 car lengths ahead of me, while I'm not racing yet. I pull closer to him, and we both gun it. I pull about 1.5 car lenghths ahead before I slow down(thought there might've been a cop, but was just a plain white crown vic).

He tried one more time, same result. My car needs a tune, as it's been knocking a little, but I still won. Later that day I popped my trunk and found out I still had mine, and my fiancee's luggage from our maui trip in the back! I felt like the guy on that Dodge Magnum commercial with the ladder and 2x4's.

2005 92x
TXS stage 3 with txs intake and perrin lightweight crank pulley.