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Damn, thats a good friggin deal... I would definatly get it done if it was only 2,500$ im guessing you did all the labor yourself and found all the parts used for really cheap.

I think the STi has a nicer interior then the EVO does, although Leather recaros are pretty amazing.. I also perfer BBS to eneki rims and DCCD vs no DCCD...and some more low-end torque.

but other then that the EVO pretty much has it all.
yea, i lucked out. i just so happened to check car-parts.com after reading a thread where some guy did a 6spd swap for just under $3k. i found a 2005 6spd tranny with ~10k miles on it for $2500 only 85 miles from me(20 miles away from my college). short shifter was $75, driveshaft was $165, rear diff was $350. then i sold the 5spd for $1150.

i do all the labor on my car unless i want it to have good looking welds. but i am practising tig welding, so soon i will be able to do that.

there are 2 things i like about the 6spd and 1 thing i dont

i like how it wont break, makes the wrx so much more fun to drive
i like how people tell me i should have bought an STI then see the 6spd shifter

i dont like the gearing. the gearing really shows how small the stock turbo is.