So this morning I had to drop my EVO off to get detailed, my roommate drove the civic to pick me. We had to run out to honda to pick up a valve gasket so we could install the new cams / gears today.

He picks me up at Mitsu and his car is idling awful kept spiking 1500 - 2500, so we are at the light and the guy in the Formula is in tears he's laughing so hard at the civic with the awful revving, then smoke just comes pouring out of the civic, and I think the guy in the Formula had lost abilities to breath his face was so bright red. So we shut the car off and he was like oh yeah I gotta add some coolant *radiator has a hole*...

You got lucky Formula Maybe next time!!!

I have never laughed so hard in my life and this was way better than a street race! I hope he's on one of the ls1 forums cause I wanna hear his story i'm sure its gonna be a riot!