Me Vs. grand am GT
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    Me Vs. grand am GT

    Well as i was visiting my uncle I decided to just drive around to see if their was any cars out that would be worth messing with. I drove for a while and was going to give up and call it quits, but as i was just going to turn on this street I see a red kitted grand am with a huge "killer" wing. The grand am got behind me and I was thinking "I wonder if he is going to follow me", turns out he does. JOY!!!!! So i pursuied out of town just to see if he is still following me and he still does. So as the speed limit went from 35, 45, to 55, I decided to stay at 45 in the 55 zone.
    Here is when it gets intresting, as i was cruising thinking to myself "c'mon pass me" I thought he wasnt going to until, when i looked in my rear view mirror and notice his car swerve left and right. Thats when i figured he was going to pass me and so i shifted from 3rd to 2nd still at 45mph and punched it, he gets to my rear end for like 2 sec and after that I just started walking him. A win for me
    Now i thought it was over and so i cruised at speed limit not thinking that he would try it again. I was wrong, he caught me off guard and when i notice in my rear view mirror he was gone so i had to act quick so i down shifted to 5,4,to 3rd, he passed me by like 3/4 car length but could not pass me completely. As i started reeling him in, I look over and could see that his GF was smiling at me as i passed him. nothing better than that.
    Well all i can say is that, he tried twice but failed to pass me.
    If you guys want flame me for racing a car that is slow, I dont care because i was bored and wanted to have some fun.
    A win for my REX.
    04 wrx white with one blue door.
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    Its ok I was bored last night and played around a little with a Escalade truck , but it was just because the guy was being a ****.
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    a wins a win, doesnt matter what it is, its another story to tell.

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