350Z vs WRX??
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This is a discussion on 350Z vs WRX?? within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; How does a 350Z compare to WRX performance wise stock for stock. I've driven both they seem close but that ...

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    350Z vs WRX??

    How does a 350Z compare to WRX performance wise stock for stock. I've driven both they seem close but that can be deceiveing. Anyone raced a stock Z when they were stock? Just curious.
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    I have raced a stock 350z--at least he said it was stock- from a stop when I was stage 2 with an up/pipe- he got a jump on me because I didnt launch, but we were almost dead even, then before we even hit 50 we had to merge so I hit the brakes.

    I imagine a stock wrx and a 350z- from a roll definitely the 350, from a stop woth a good launch and a bad driver in the 350, the stock wrx might pull it out by a carlenght or less- equal drivers, my money would be on the 350.
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    yea, if its not from a dig the Z is gone no matter what. And from a dig, you might keep at first with a good launch, but once you get close to 60ish the Z should be driving away without a problem.. I had a g35 gun by me on the highway when I was on it too and it looked like I wasnt even moving, so the Z will probably be a bit quicker.

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    What about the new Wrx's, the 2.5's

    I have a forester xt and my brother has a newer Z with the traction control. (already broken in)

    From a stop he will not catch up untill we reach 80mph, and that is with me having a bad launch. He will have passed me by 80 and many times 70 also.

    Then when we switch cars it is the same results.

    I have been able to get up to 4 carlenghts on him with an awsome launch and he will not catch up till after 90 ( we never have gone past 90 but he always seems to start catching up quicker) so he would probably catch me and kill me by 100-110.

    Even with the traction control that car skids on the first 2 gears

    He is gettin better tires soon so that should help.

    From a roll, well, lets just say the back of his car looks nice with the new spoiler he got.

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    stock vs stock and assumed equal drivers:

    stop = Z will win. More than likely by about 2-3 car lengths if you are finishing out the whole 1/4mile. You are comparing times of about 13.9/14.0 (350Z) to 14.3/14.4 (WRX)

    roll = Z will win by quite a bit. Z will trap anywhere from 100-102mph stock while the wrx will trap 94/95mph stock. Not to mention the better gearing and extra torque of the Z which means that the wrx is going to get walked by a good amount.
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