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This is a discussion on every once in a while..... within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally Posted by uke It was probably a Buick Regal GS. Same chassis and engine as a Grand Prix GTP ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by uke
    It was probably a Buick Regal GS. Same chassis and engine as a Grand Prix GTP (my car) - 3.8L supercharged 240hp/280tq (torque figure is underrated). Very moddable and easy to make go fast. What kind of 1/4 mile times do you run? It sounds like the guy was modded and could have been running in the 13's with relatively little money put into it.

    Anyway, good run
    i dont have a time sorry never been to the track yet. wife works full time plus school fulltime so i have no time after chores and watchin both of my kids there still under 2yrs.. id like to go to the track but with the cost of gas and the track thats money better spent elsewhere. i hate to be a bench racer but ill say im runnin bout mid high 13s at best cause imma bad driver .... that seems typical of cobbs stg2.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by 05Wagon
    That biuck was a GNX probably. They have a turbo 6 and are really quick stock, modded ones can put down 700+ hp.... They are sick, and pretty exspensive too for an 80's american car, collectible
    That would be the case of a seriously modded one as the stock block likes to spit the crank through the oil pan for anything more than 5-550hp
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    Quote Originally Posted by dvang
    it look exactly like this one in the link

    --> http://www.cardomain.com/ride/444905

    it was pretty cool in a wierd kinda way when i saw it, but than i do like old turbo dodge spirits to so im prob just wierd..
    Yep, that's a Regal GS. Same powertrain/weight as my car. It makes a great sleeper as it's a pretty go-fast grandpa car. Like I said before it's very easy to make L67 engines go fast (L67 being the supercharged 3800 engine). Only drawback is, like all W-bodies, it's FWD
    06 GTO - yeah, it's pretty quick
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    Quote Originally Posted by 05Wagon
    GNX=Grand national
    GNX = Grand National that has been pumping iron and taking steroids! Limited edition with more power and a different gauge cluster and a few other things.

    Miss the wifes WRX, but love my Ralliart!

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