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I am by no means trying to be a jerk.. but it just seems odd that in every thread a V8 is involved in all you have to say is "V8's are slow".. I just dont know why you say it. And then when someone else comments it seems like you jump at the chance to challenge them to a race and tell them how they should come and dare try to mess with your car.
I know you are being sarcastic since you happen to drive a 400whp V8 but... Do you do that in order to setup an oppertunity to show off your car and let people know how fast it is?

Again, its nothing personal, it just seems really odd and I am not really sure why you do it.... please explain

I just think it's funny... based on the fact that alot of people think it is the case. Until now, no one has taken offense, but I'll stop, if it upsets anyone.