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How are you liking the GTO? See you started it, after you sold your sti I sold mine. I'm 2 months in with my S60R, love it. Not as fast as my sti but its much nicer in all other respects. Sometimes miss the "rawness" of my sti though. Went over with a buddy to a friend of his today....he has a SRT10 viper, the new one but it has some stage kit on it (I think he said stage 5 for those that know vipers).....headers....cams......exhaust...k&n.... ecu reflash. The car was NICE. Got some video of it at his house.

I really like it a lot. It's really fun to drive. Also ,the sound of the exhaust with long tube headers, x pipe, and magna flow mufflers is like music to my ears. It really does sound bad ass.
The GTO is also very comfortable (supportive leather seats) and so smooth to drive. It's 100% different than the STi. Long cruises on the highway are a pleasure. I've also yet to be beat by a car when cruising on the highway. I've beaten two different C5's at speeds over 100 mph on the highway. Scince getting headers, intake, and a tune. The car runs great.

The only thing I miss about my STi is the ability to jump off the line like a rabbit (even though it was very violent and scary - will I break something?). The STi's launch is impossible to beat on the street (if done properly). The STi is the king of 0-60mph on the street.
But the GTO is much funner (smokey burnouts). Whenever I want I can just roast the tires like its no ones business. I have to launch at about 2700 rpms or less, or the tires just go up in smoke.

As soon as I get the cash I getting a nice head/cam setup . Should put me around 450-500 rwhp. But right now I'm a little short of money. Once I get my H/C setup the car will be an absolute blast to drive.
So as you can see I'm really happy with the car. What's funny is there's a pretty long list of guys that currently drive 04 and 05 GTO's that used to drive WRX and STi's. So most the guys over in the GTO forums are very knowlegeable about WRX and STi's.