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If you take off correctly, you can be in instant boost about .5 a second after letting go of the clutch (keep the throttle at 2.5k rpms without the tach needle going lower than that). You don't even have to launch the car. Starting off at 2.5k rpms you're already starting to spool the turbo whereas the S2000 isn't even in vtec yet. It engages vtec at like 5k rpms. That's a good second+ or so advantage. It's also the best place to catch them out of vtec, without allowing them to take-off.
Vtec engages at 6k on the s2k, your forgetting that s2k has a six speed tranny and a 4.10:1 final drive gear ratio... which means hes not going to be in 1st gear very long.. regardless of torque. High gears = simulated torque.

Like i said my friend has an s2k and we run each other all the time (specially after i get a new mod installed) and from a slow roll in 1st gear its pretty even.