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    good race

    so tonight i stoped at this light, and one of those super charged v6 grand prix roll up next to me. he gives me a dirty look and i know he wants to run it. so when the light turns green neither of us launch, but we both take off at the same time and by about 70 i had a good 4 cars on him. i stoped at the next red light, but he ran it and flew by me yelling **** you.

    dose anyone know what those run stock? i know they have like 260 hp, but what are thier 1/4 mile times and 0-60 times.

    btw i have a 02 wrx with tbe up pipe ram intake and 15 psi.

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    The stock ones I have seen run usually pull in the high 14's low 15's at around 93-95mph (so overall a good run for a stock WRX in most cases). I see alot of them at the track in the high 13's with work done to them though so watch out.
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    Ugh, I hate it when other GTP (s/c'd Grand Prix) owners act like jerks

    Anyways, usual stock time is high 14's with a good launch. If they can get traction, they're strongest on the low end (been known to get 280 wheel tq stock, they're torque figure is underrated).

    Anyways, good job putting a cocky driver in his place.
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