I was part of a big cruise this past weekend and it was a lot of fun.

I raced a few cars, drove about 60+ miles around town.

First race was against a 1g AWD DSM with quite a few mods, he had just put a 16g on that day. Before at stage 1 he would pull about half a car on me in each gear, but that was when he had his 14b with EM, TBE, intake, boost controller and some other stuff.

Now I'm AP stage 2 with up/dp catless but stock catback. Anyway we went from a roll in 3rd at 60mph and he pulled about a car on me but got a jump on me as well. Second time we went from a 1st gear roll and were dead even at the end on first, then to my surprise I pulled half a car in second, then I missed third and finally got it in and we were even and shut down. He said he was having wesgate problems which I believe because he should of beat me.

Next was a 04 Mustang GT 5pd convert. He had catback, CAI, drag springs and drag radials. He did have his top down.

We went from a second gear roll at 40mph and I pulled one car by the end of 2nd and then another car by the end of third and shut down.

Second run he downshifted before me and jumped 2 cars ahead. I pulled one back by the end of 2nd, even by the end of 3rd and I pulled on him 4th. Which surprised me because 4th sucks. I had about half a car up to a 100mph or so and shut down, I probably would have kept pulling.

Then I raced a SRT-10 ram and it didn't start pulling until the end of 2nd then I had to shut down because of traffic.

Then I raced a new Viper and it pulled on me very hard I gave up after he was 4 cars ahead.

But overall I was impressed at how well I pulled on the Mustang and didn't get beat by the DSM.