waste of gas but still fun
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This is a discussion on waste of gas but still fun within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; just this past saturday it went out looking for trouble. i live in Toms River, which is 10 minutes to ...

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    waste of gas but still fun

    just this past saturday it went out looking for trouble. i live in Toms River, which is 10 minutes to the beach from my front door. all i have to do is go right down route 37, which is a 3 lane east bound and a 3 lane west bound 7 mile strip to the seaside bridge. there is about 10 stop lights on it. so being summertime all the bennies (tourists from north jersey and new york) are down. anyway, there is this group of a dozen hondas, all riced out with numbers painted on there windshields. They were probably some car club from north jersey. i figured they might have been serious but they couldnt hang. i know - waste of gas. just thought i'd share.
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    Up till a few months ago I'd been living in New Brunswick for a little more than a year, and
    I totaly know the type of guys your talking about.

    I used to see those, literally, packs of hondas with loud ass exhausts and bodykits and decals and stuff all over, I'd see them comming from e-town alot with numbers in the windows and stuff. I had one talking all this crap to me in a 93 bubbleback civic in practically rush hour traffic, he heard my bov and thought hed gun it and put on his flashers (that thing was SLOW too, he wasnt pulling very hard and I was just going the speedlimit). Next thing I know hes telling me he wants to go and hell give me 3 cars, bla bla bla.....I was just like stfu how are you going to race with cars in front of us...

    suffice to say, rarely did I see any of these cars that were actually fast in those groups, it was always the loners you needed to look out for....those would be the ones with intercoolers in front....
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