Silver Wagon Showdown!! (Long)
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    Hi folks, I am a new member but this actually happend a couple of weeks ago in Vancuver ("The Coov") Wash.

    I was pulling out onto 164th to go home at about 11:00pm when I noticed a silver WRX Wagon and a black MR2 speeding by. I jumped on it to catch up. Now we are three wide, going down 164th at about 60mph w/ the MR2 sandwitced in the middle (kinda sounds like I ripped that part off from a movie). The WRX in the far lane floors it a couple of times. I do the same. Then he brutaly cuts off the MR2 causing the angery Toyota driver to honk at him. I also thought it was kind of a punk thing to do. We come to a red light. I have my window down and I don't hear him reving or doing anything else to indicate that he wants to go so I don't either. Sure enough, the light turns and he mashes it. I launch at too low an rpm, playing catch up. I didn't gain anything in 1st, but during the first shift I got my half-a-car length back. Maybe he didn't have the STi Shifter. During 2nd gear got about half-a-car length on him. His after market BOV goes off in my ear. By the time we are through 3rd, I must have had a couple cars on him. As we came up on a red light I threw him a peace sign and he turned left. (Is there a rule about msg. length?).

    He had 18" "Konig Imagine" wheels and the BOV that I could see. No exhaust. I have: resonator mod, K&N drop-in replacement, axle back exhaust and 17" "Konig Toxxin" wheels.

    Later, T.J.
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    rule about message legnth, i dont believe so. If so you arent near it im sure. Nice signature quote. The only size rule here that I know of is that the mods ask that you keep your signature <10 lines, but thats not lookin like a problem for you
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