cobb stage 1 vs. 1g eclipse 16g
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This is a discussion on cobb stage 1 vs. 1g eclipse 16g within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; last night on my way to a friends house I saw a 1st gen eclipse with exhaust. I got next ...

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    cobb stage 1 vs. 1g eclipse 16g

    last night on my way to a friends house I saw a 1st gen eclipse with exhaust. I got next to him and he sees me and shifts I hear his bov and i know he's turbo. We go around the traffic in front of us and get next to each other, were going about 40mph so i shift into 2nd he honks 1, 2 waiting for the third honk, no honk he just takes off, so i go and try to catch up, he has to slow down for traffic and I catch up again we go around traffic again and get next to each other this time and start going around 40mph i honk 3 times and go, I had him by a car at first but he started cathing up and passed me by the end of 3rd and by the middle of 4th he had me by about 1-2 cars. caught up to him at the next light and i asked him what he had done to it he said that he had 16g turbo, tbe and a few other things. I'm COBB stage 1 he would'nt tell me how much boost he was running. what do you guys think of this race? I don't feel too bad that I lost cause the guy had an upgraded turbo. Can't wait to go stage 2 now got an Invidia dp but can't figure out if I want the Greddy cb or Invidia cb any suggestions.

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    Sounds like fun, nice death. Thats the thing about those DSM's, they're like 5.0 Mustangs, every one you see could be a dog with a loud exhaust or a sick modded monster, or anything in between...

    I have the invidia downpipe and I love it, I have a Skunk 2 catback which I think is one of the better sounding pieces Ive heard, and Its lasted me 2 1/2 years now and it Still looks like new (as long as I keep it clean). From looking at pics in the past the Invidia looked alot like the Skunk2 in design and would probably sound about the same.

    Whatever way you go your gunna love stage 2.....but it still leaves you wanting more....
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    Nice death.

    If I'm not mistaken, those 16g'd 1st gens are good for 300 + AWHP...

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    No shame in losing that one ... they're beast. BEASTS I say.

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    I love dsm's.
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