well i was working 2nd shift today, and got off at 12, i stop to get milkshake and i see a yellow mustang sitting in the lot of the UDF while im waiting for the turn light for that street thinkin, im goin to get challenged. pull in and a friend is just getting there in his big desiel dodge and when he got out, we said our heys. he was like " i got a race for ya" so i said what, pointed at the stang. it was a cobra,the guy was cool and we agreed to race and where. short runs but runs none the less..... our buddy backed us up on the cop situation from behind

1st - took off about 4500 reving, he spun, had him by a car in first, he gained in 2nd and when he went for third we were even. he missed 3rd, slowed down and let him by for narrowing road

turned around and agreed on new run

2nd - same launch, he spun alot, had 2 cars on him, shifted at 6700 . he caught up in third again and by 85 i would say he had 1 1/2 cars on me

the car sounded great, the guy was really cool. his girl seemed more worried about the ride than him so i feel bad for him, would say sorry but she was kinda hot