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I have to say that when it comes to civics, I have no idea anymore... Some of them are pretty damn fast, and act more like Supra's on the highway when modded enough. Problem with them is that they are soooo light weight, so they need next to no power to still hang.
same here. I have had my ass handed to me several times by civic's. I have only lost to 1 all motor hatch and he was running a B18C5 (ITR motor) with basic bolt on's weight reduction, cams, etc... He had me pretty good from a roll. He was behind me and actually came from behind me, on the side, and then proceeded to pass me by a car or two by the time we hit 110mph.

Other than that, I am not nearly as suprised to be beat by a civic anymore. There are a lot of ls/vtec hatches running around with boost and b18c1's with boost as well. Def not cars you wanna mess around with from a roll unless you are pushing 300+whp in your scoobie