I was on hwy 2 canyons. I came on the palmdale side and was cruzing and saw a black sti. Thinking my favorate road and a sti. this sounds like play time is in. We get to the passing lane that is about a mile long. everyone moved over. So it was the sti and me and he nailed it and I followed. Doing about 100 keeping pace at this point. He runs out of streight road and crams on the brakes and takes the coner. I figure right there he does not know the road. So were cruzing at like 70 with the sti still out front. we take a few small corners. Then it opened to a passing lane. He suddenly moved to the slow side. I am like ok whatever. I pull my noise to about the drivers door and he nails it. I was already nailed it and was well in the power. He still had his foot in it and I passed him. next was a bunch of medium corners. I took them hard. He did not follow. That was about it for that section so I am cruzing rather fast even still and a truck moves over. so keep doing like 70+. I get stuck in traffic and here comes the sti. I had my widow down so I gave him the thumbs up. He just looked at me with no responce. So it was time for the freeway for me and he was off to lacr. I gave a bye wave. So first sti kill