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get it that fast and let me know.

so what do you have done to your car and how much has it cost?

And I figure the evo's and sti's might be able to do 160 but it would take them a lot longer to get there.

What's the trap speed on one of those? the 600's are trapping about 120-130 depending on several different factors. I had mine to an indicated 172, which is about 165ish with speedo error. It's didn't take me that long to get going that fast and I had more room to go, but the slow curves on the interstate started looking more like a 25mph curve than one you would normally take at 70mph.

I think 180 is a bit much, but I could be wrong. But then again after the second year of the busa, all bikes were voluntarily limited to 187mph. Even the new 1k's have limiters on them I believe...

then again I only spent $8k on the cost of my bike plus $120 for a set of differently geared sprokets and a lighter chain.
There is no way I want to try for anything north of 150 again. The car starts getting a bit floaty at those speeds. All I know is if a 400crank hp evo does a claimed 175 I know mine will easily beat that with another 80-100 hp. I know I am not getting these track times with 400 crank hp and 3450lbs.