S4 vs. 1st Gen Talon TSi
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    S4 vs. 1st Gen Talon TSi

    Driving in a pack of 100+ VWs and Audis to show n go this past weekend in Englishtown, NJ, a Talon joined our pack and cruised with us. We all approached a red light on a three lane road right outside of Englishtown. In the left lane was the Talon, I was in the middle lane in a 05 S4, and in the far right lane was my friend in his Jetta 1.8T. On the opposite corner was another local club of VWs who all got up and started taking pics and watching the light, waiting for something to happen. The Talon, which looked like absolute crap, but sounded fast revved, so just joking around, I smiled back and revved up the mighty 4.2 V8. My friend in the Jetta wanted to get pics of me "launching the S4", so we decided we would run. Light turned green and silly me forgot to disable ESP. My wheel spin was mananged poorlyIMO by the ESP causing him to get the intial jump, but as I wound out second gear i was passing him hard, when some a$$hole in a conversion van cut me off, so we had to slow down a lot. At the night light we praised each others cars, and he was a pretty cool guy. I'm not sure what mods he had, but it wasnt stock. I didnt get a chance to see him run it at the track. However I would have liked to!
    Just thought I'd share the fun we had. The rest of the ride consisted of some fun highway pulls with R32s, 1.8Ts, Turbo VR6's, Turbo 2.0's etc. It was a blast!
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    100+ cars that is awesome....we get these kind of numbers in SD, but I have never been in a highway run with that many cars....

    I kinda like the older cars thatr look like crap but run like champs....I can't wait untill I started having different color body panels, camouflage painting, mismatched wheels (well, not really, AWD), etc,etc.....I can already envision my car in 10 years.....

    My car sounds like a LIGER.......ERZ + SPT = LOUD......pretty much one of my favorite sounds.....


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