Having a slight problem with this install. Either I am a retard or the supplied ECU diagram from Apexi does not correlate with the actual ECU. Everything is all set except for slicing the two wires that connect the relay to the ECU. One is supposed to connect to the ECU ground wire and the other is supposed to connect to the O2 sensor wire. Based off of the projectWRX.com ECU diagram http://www.projectwrx.com/tr/wrx/my02usecupinout.htm I have assumed that the ground connects to either of the Power supply grounds (Pin C17 or A22) and the O2 sensor connects to one of the connections for the front O2 sensor (the positive or negative sensor signal I think. If anyone has done this mod or has any idea what the hell I'm talking about I'd appreciate any help you can offer, thanks!