Hello everybody! I am looking to get into a wrx and would like some input to help me get behind the wheel of the right wrx not just any. like i said this is would be my first time owning a wrx which i have wanted one since i was a freshman in high school. i have been looking at 3 different wrx's. two of them are 05 blobeye's and one is a 02 bugeye. one of the 05s has over 100k on the car. it has a built 2.5 motor with 2.0 heads and a built trans with rally spec sti gears 1st , 2nd , 3rd. one bad thing is the radiator is pushing out anti freeze and has been sitting for a couple months. the next 05 has 119k on it all original engine and tranny with few bolt ons (bov, catback, intake). lastly is the 02 wrx that has 146k on the car but has had the engine rebuilt and new tranny put in. engine having less than 6k on it with Cylinder heads, New pistons, New rods, Brand new bearings, Block reassembled and cleaned, New oil pump, New oil cooler, Brand new gaskets, New timing belt, New hydraulic tensioner, New water pump, New fuel pump, New thermostat and o ring, New studs, New crank shaft and positioning sensor, New oil and filter and New spark plugs all done to the engine. new clutch as well put in. what do you guys think? i know some things about wrx's but i want to learn more. so i thought i would ask for alittle help and try to learn as much as i can from you guys thank you!