I would like to start by saying I have done some researching, and that is what got me to start second guessing my original decision. My original decision was to order a 2015 WRX, which I have already done. But after doing so, I found countless post on various sites about Subaru of America refusing to honor warranty work, and vehicle reliability issues. So here is my background. I am a spirited driver who lives in OR/WA. I do not track my cars, but drive them in a fun, but not stupid or crazy manner. I average about 20-25k miles a year, and plan on servicing my WRX with synth oil changes at the dealership every 5k, and follow the regular maint schedule after that for major services. The miles I put on my car are 90% highway, with most of my travels being 20+ miles, and a rare or occasional short trip to the store, etc. Now, onto my questions.

1. If I stay with getting a WRX, will it be pretty much trouble free for at least 200,000 miles? I know this is impossible to predict, but I am trying to pool from a larger audience and go with the trend in reliability for a turbo'd motor.

2. Will I be okay with getting my oil changes at 5k?

3. Since I do not track, and put on a lot of miles, and reliability is a concern, should I just get something else?

For info, I have had Toyota's previously, all with over 200 or 300k + miles. All of them were sold after being maintained well, without any breakdowns.

*Again, the reason I ask this is because the research I have done is not very helpful. I know a lot of people mod their Subaru's, and I do not plan to. I know these people are probably most of the warranty denials, but a lot claim they were also stock. I am concerned I will have a stock car, and will have an issue, which seems normal for these cars, and be denied a repair. I also like to do things outdoors, hike, etc. So I will drive on dirt roads, and have in my previous cars. I will also not drive like a grandma on them, and haven't had an issue in my FWD Toyota's before.

Any help would be appreciated from true and honest people.