Yes, I would prefer that it be manual, and that it not be a wagon. I like the look of the sedan better.

Thanks for all the help and recommendations so far, and yes WRXtreme, I'm living in Utah.

I found these two ads:

Subaru Impreza |

Miles are pretty high on that one, and the body work is pretty bad. I could probably talk him down, but it seems like I haven't seen very many WRXs this old roll over 200,000 miles, correct me if I'm wrong. I'm weary of this ad, but just thought I'd post it anyway.

Then this one:
Subaru Impreza |

New clutch is good, SPT exhaust, new tires. Looks to be fairly stock, although the smoked out tail-lights are a red flag. Also looks like he de-badged the front??

Price is high I think, and I think I read somewhere that the 2008 model was the absolute worst year for the WRX because of a bunch of changes Subaru made.

What do you guys think? Keep looking, right? Thanks