Back story....

Car ordered on 8/11/2012. On 9/20/2012 I got my VIN number. On 9/22/2012 the car entered the USA and came in through Port of Baltimore MD. I was told my ETA would be on 10/8/2012.

On 10/4/2012 I called Subaru Customer service center and was told the car is still estimated for 10/8 and is still sitting at the dock. Same on 10/5/2012. On 10/8/2012 I was told it was on a car and should be here today or tomorrow. On 10/9/2012 I was told the car could be here by the end of the week. Today (10/15/2012) the car is still sitting at the port. After numerous calls to the dealer and customer service center, I find the car is being held for "Quality Control".

Has anyone heard of this before?
Does anyone here work for Subaru and understand what this means?

I am guessing one a few things.

A) One of the 3 upgrades I got is causing an issue (SPT Exhaust, Booster Gauge, Short Throw). Maybe it does not fit on the 2013? Maybe they don't have the parts needed?
B) It was damaged in shipping and they are needing to repair.
C) Some major happened such as engine blew during testing at port.

Has anyone had this happen to them and found a way to get some information. At this point, the dealer and the customer service center are both saying it is being held. The estimate delivery date is still 10/8/2012. Is there another place other than the one in NJ or the dealer to get some information. I am now at 9 weeks of waiting.

I have read articals like these but not able to get much other than the quote below :

Unlike Honda, Subaru does much of its customization of cars right at the port. This work, which includes installing navigation systems, roof racks and spoilers, requires new employees. Subaru and Auto Warehousing partnered with RichmondWORKS to fill these positions with Richmond residents.
I plan on bringing a measuring paint device to the dealer when it finally does arrive to see if any extra layers of paint were put on so I know official what happened. I don't want to pay 40,000$ for a repaired STI.