Hello there, I've been looking at various WRXs around and I think I've decided that I am going to get one around a 2004. The majority that I've seen are around $8000-$9000 for ones in good condition and have no mods. I've read all the threads telling you what to look for when you buy a new car such as compression tests, make sure the timing belt has been changed, etc. But I'm looking for your personal experience when you bought a used WRX with a lot of miles, by a lot of miles I mean 90,000+ miles. What did you find helpful when you were searching for a car? What led you to buy a good, reliable car? My worst nightmare is finding a car that seems perfect, purchasing it and then one month later having the head gasket blow on me. Of course this is just the risk you take when you buy the car, I know there's always a chance that you drive it away and it breaks 5 blocks down the road. I just want to know the best steps in making that scenario the least likely to happen. Thanks in advance for helping.