Hello first of all if you want to follow my car build feel free to add me on facebook or instagram for daily updates.

Facebook: Donavan Spilchuk
Instagram: @donavanspilchuk
Email: d.spilchuk@hotmail.com

Car: 2010 subaru impreza wrx

Engine Mods: (and little details)
Turbo back non-catt Invidia N1 exhaust
Cobb short ram intake W/ air box
Cobb accessport V3 with stage 2 93oc tune
Kartboy shortshifter
Kartboy long hangers (not to wreck the bumper)
white ball shift knob

Because of health reason I will not be working or driving for a few months which gives me the time to do all this and work around some problems I will have. I will start with the front of the car and work my way inside.

Im posting this because I love when people explain there “set up”! Feel free to clique comment and give me any tips or new ideas! Im open to everything and anything. If you feel something is stupid explain to me how to ‘make it better’, just remember im sold on this build and will be doing some stupid mods (like cutting springs) because I can and I pay the bills on my car Im here for guidance and to let you guys follow in my personal car build!

First of all I have bought a regular NA impreza hood which I have strip of all the paint and wet sanded till a mirror finish. How? 220 grit, 600, 1000, 1500 and 2000 grit. I have spent over 70 hours sanding the hood. The underside of the hood has also been silver sharpied and it give it that much more ‘show cred’.

Now your thinking OMG YOUR TOP MOUNT! Yes, im still running the stock front mount but I own a front mount intercooler and will be getting some piping (remember I cant drive). But I did take it to a car show in Regina, Saskatchewan and how I kept the intercooler not overheating is I have removed my front bumper cover and my bottom skid plate as well as my front fender wells. I will be keeping them off as part of my build. I will be painting the actual bumper bar a teal cover and front and back tow hoods (both stock). As well as putting a 20 inch offroading LED light bar. Things like the horns and fog light cords will be tucked away as well as some plastic pieces will be sanded back to give the car a cleaner look. I will also be custom fabing some protection for things like my windshield washer fluid and steering fluid reservoirs.

Pictures are on instagram and facebook

Now for the extra LED strips I will putting in. First there is an indent in the front bumper bar. I will be putting an LED strip in that indent (for looks). I will also be giving my car a full under glow kit (I love that ****) and inside there will also be some LED strips in the doors so I can see at night. These will all be hooked up to simple switches in my center console. Im drilling out the cup holders and I will be making a custom box with a lid (kinda like the sti) to hold all the switches.

My shift knob boot leather cover thing has also be removed and I will either use a piece of glass, clear plastic or metal to make a Ferrari inspired shift pattern.

A new touch screen deck MAY be put in as well as a new NRG steering wheel with a quick release. This all has to do with how much money is kicking around. I will happen one day.

Now as some of you know having a small bottle of compressed glass in Canada is legal in the car but a NOs system hooked up is VERY illegal. Now we all played the video games as kids and I love the look of air shooting out the hood of a car so what im going to do is have a small tank of pressurized air in my car (inside my arm rest). Once I open the the bottle it will shoot air out the side of my hood. Now you may be asking why even do that? Well the truth is because I think that is super awesome and I can shoot air at all the bitches Is it pointless, yes. Is it awesome, YES!

Now onto the wheels. I will be keeping my stock rims on but I will be painting them either white or teal (help my deside) OR I might sand them down just like my hood so they are like a mirror. I will also be painting my break pads black. I know how to paint so things like the trim in the interior will also get a little artist touch.

My interior will be stripped out and a sound damping system will be put under my carpet (any ideas?). My seats will also be changed. I am cutting out the red WRX symbol on them and it will be replaced with purple IMPREZA to match my purple 5 point harness. The rails will also be painted a nice purple colour (just because).

I will also be putting on premium auto styling full black out tail overlays as well as black eye lids.

I also may be replacing my ebrake with a fancier or even putting in a huge drift bar in (because why not).

Feel free to ask questions and give me new ideas! I know this isn’t a ‘serious’ car build but its something that I love! Everything is build around my buddies and I having fun. I have a student driver and baby on board sticker on the back windshield. Anything to get some more laughs and smiles. ENJOY