"The Sleeper Must Awaken!" -04 WRX Wagon Project-
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This is a discussion on "The Sleeper Must Awaken!" -04 WRX Wagon Project- within the Builds forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; This is what my motor looks like at 194K ..Get you some!!! SUSPENSION Fortune Auto 510 GEN4 coilovers - w/ ...

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    "The Sleeper Must Awaken!" -04 WRX Wagon Project-

    This is what my motor looks like at 194K ..Get you some!!!

    Fortune Auto 510 GEN4 coilovers
    - w/ Front roller bearing kit and rear camber plates
    Swift springs 9kg - Front / 8kg - Rear

    --Alignment settings--
    Front- -2.65º Camber / 0 toe
    Rear -1º Camber / 1/16 toe in

    --Front End--
    Whiteline - bump steer kit
    Whiteline - Anti Lift Kit
    Whiteline - Front inner control arm bushings
    Whiteline - Front end links
    Stock front anti-roll bar
    Whiteline - Steering rack bushings
    Cusco Type II underbrace
    Subtle solutions - Fender braces
    STI/Group-n - pitch rod
    STI/Group-n - motor mounts
    STI/Group-n - tranny mount
    Kartboy - shifter bushing
    kartboy- rear shifter stay bushing
    Whiteline - Front Gearbox - positive shift kit bushing

    --Rear End--
    Whiteline - Rear Diff - front support lock bushing
    Whiteline - Rear Subframe - lock bolt kit
    Whiteline - Rear Trailing arm - lower front bushing
    Whiteline - Rear Trailing arm - lower rear bushing
    Whiteline - Lateral Links
    Whiteline - Rear Endlinks
    Cusco - 22mm Adjustable Rear Anti-roll bar - Set full hard
    Whiteline - Rear Sway bar - mount kit
    STI/Group-n - Rear Diff mount
    Whiteline - Rear Control arm - inner lock washers

    Stoptech - 328mm Big brake kit

    06-07 WRX rear hubs, spindles and Sumitomo brake swap

    Hawk - HP+ pads
    Goodridge - SS lines
    ATE - Blue brake fluid
    Cusco - Master cylinder brace


    OZ Supperleggera 18x8.5 +48

    Hankook RS-3 235x40 18" -(Pictures show the old V12's...never mind those.)

    --Tire Pressures--
    Front - 45psi
    Rear - 35psi
    --^This helps create more oversteer--


    Currently Stock EJ20 with over 194,000 miles --GeT SomE!

    --Check out my compression test video a while back--

    Pro Tuned Stage 2 -(See Dyno graph below)

    Koyo - Radiator
    AC Deleted
    Samco - Radiator hoses

    --Intake system--
    K&N - Drop in filter
    Perrin - After the MAF coupler
    Perrin - Turbo inlet tube

    Ver 7 JDM STi Top mount IC
    STi - hood scoop and scoop diffuser

    Gates racing - timing belt

    Walbro - fuel pump

    Sun Performance ground kit --Do you even Old school bro?
    Odyssey - PC680MT battery

    Invidia - Up-pipe (Heat Wrapped)
    Invidia - Catless Divorced bellmouth downpipe (Heat Wrapped)
    HKS - Hi Power Cat-back (Custom mid-pipe)

    ACT - Heavy Duty Clutch kit
    Gruppe-s - Light Flywheel

    Techna Fit - SS Clutch line

    ATE - Super Blue fluid (used for clutch system)


    Defi - Boost pressure / Imperial read out
    Defi - Oil pressure / Imperial read out
    Defi Oil Temp / Imperial read out
    Custom A Piller mounting

    Blitz FATT turbo timer

    Kartboy- short shifter

    WC Lathewerks - 4" Shifter extension
    WC Lathewerks - 3" Delrin shift knob

    LED cluster and interior lighting upgrade

    Cleared headlights with HID (Honda S2000) projector retrofit

    Tein Hood dampeners

    LED light swap front and rear

    Painted side skirts --(2004 side skirts came unpainted)

    OEM Impreza rear splash guards (to be painted)


    Dyno graph of the currently running Stage 2 Pro Tune, done by Dan Harman at Harman motive. .....(Long time ago. )


    Project Plans

    1. New built motor. (Power goal of up-to 340/350 but quick and snappy power!!)
    a. New EJ25 short block.
    b. CP Piston swap.
    c. Main & Rod bearings.
    d. ARP rod bolts.
    e. ARP head studs.
    f. Kelford Cams 199-J 264/260 duration -- 10.7/10.2 lift --(Should be fun for snappy throttle response.)
    g. Supertech Black Nitrided intake valves.
    h. Supertech Black Nitrided .5mm larger exhaust valves.
    i. Eibach Valve spring kit.
    j. New EJ20 heads -- compression domes machined larger to match EJ25.
    k. Port Flow Designs valve work. "Cosworth program"
    l. 850cc Injectors.
    m. Blouchturbo 18g XT - 8cm^2 - 3" inlet -Upgrade Actuator
    n. Process West TMIC.
    o. Composite TGV's.
    p. Custom 3" intake & turbo inlet.
    q. STi 11mm oil pump
    r. Various OEM parts and replacement parts (i.e. new sensors, water pump, ect.)

    2. Sedan Fenders - Front and Rear.
    3. wider wheels (Aiming for 255 or 265's max tire.)
    4. maybe some slight aero here and there, like a front splitter and rear diffuser.
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    Well, I've had these Fortune Auto 510 GEN4 Coilovers on the car since last October and figured I'd share these with you.

    I'll get straight to the point and say these are good coilovers (IMO) ...for being single adjustable, the amount of design features (relative to the previous generations of the 510's), how they compared to other coilovers (that could be considered in the same class) and not to forget the price!

    Things I looked for going into purchasing these was...
    1. daly drivability. (Not the major factor for me)
    2. reliable track use.
    3. be able to rebuild.
    4. be able to re-valve / customize. (You can send these in and have them updated to 2-way with remote reservoir.)
    5. solid build and design.
    ...I feel I was able to find most if not all those areas with these!

    The other nice little factors were the other options you are allotted to add to the 510's
    1. roller bearings, for the front springs to help eliminate the clicking and or clunking associated with turning.
    2. rear camber plates.
    3. swift springs.
    ...Which I went for all 3.

    Since I've had these on I haven't been to the track (rebuilding tranny with JDM Sti gears and a refresh on the bearings and syncros. So not ready to beat on it. > Because 189,k miles < )

    I have taken it up one of my local mountain passes here Southern California many times and have been grinning from ear to ear each time. The regular motorcyclists/local speed freaks that go up this pass have been impressed and sometimes surprised that they are being trailed closely buy a wagon. :devil::devil::devil:

    I have spent a few rounds getting the alignment dialed in to the style I drive and how I like to drive/race, working with Dale at Dave's Frame and Alignment in Huntington Beach! (Great Guy, very straight up and lots of experience!)

    I've become very happy with it's handling! Even found new limits to push! :devil::devil:

    So here are a few pics of them out of the box, the bits that it comes with and me putting on some new bits as well as some nerding out over them.

    What's in the box?

    ..Stuff is in the box!

    Instructions, tools, sticker, propaganda and dyno graph of the struts.

    The business!

    Updated mounting design! Meaty!

    Roller bearings! "Smooth operator!"

    Front camber plates and top roller bearings.

    Front camber plate close up.

    Rear camber plates!

    They included the standard rear mounting plates, since I updated to the adjustable ones.

    Comparing standard rear plates to the adjustable ones.

    Rear camber plate closeup. (bottom)

    Rear camber plate closeup. (top side)

    Adjustment knobs.....OFF! No for you!

    Time to take apart for some Swift Spring goodness!

    Size is good! (thats what she tells me!:banana::banana
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    Put some German grease on these roller bearings!

    Swift's installed!

    Damn you camera phone!!!!!!!

    Dyno graph of all 4 struts in one. Fortune Auto has a cool read about their suspension and or how to read suspension dyno graphs.

    I'll get some pics of them on the car soon and some more feed back once on the track. So Hope this helps and sheds some insight on the FA 510 GEN4's. Thanks!!

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    Current area under the knife is the drive train.

    I have decided to go with rebuilding and upgrading the 5 Speed driveline! Yes many of you will question me as to why I would do such a thing? "Why not do a 6 speed swap???!!"

    Well... it seems very simple to me. Here are a few reasons why not.

    1. When ready to build motor - Only plan for up to 350HP & TQ
    2. Rebuilding and upgrading the drive train will be less then a 6 speed swap
    3. Would have to upgrade or buy new suspension for the larger STi 5x114 hubs
    4. After doing swap would then cost extra to get new drivetain to the relative level this current 5 speed DT will be

    There are a few other logical and economical points that have played into this route. Over all though this should be plenty fun!! :devil::devil::devil:

    On that note, here is the parts list for the drivetrain overhaul/rebuild, upgrade.

    1. JDM STi (Non-RA) 5 Speed gear set.
    2. All new syncros, Bearings and seals.
    3. New front and rear axels.
    4. Cusco Type-RS 1-way, Front LSD.
    5. Cusco Type-RS 1.5-way Rear LSD.
    6. Competition Clucth Stage 2 kit.
    7. Competition Clucth light flywheel.
    8. New clutch slave cylinder.
    9. New clutch release fork.
    10. Goodridge SS clutch line.
    11. Drive Shaft Shop - carbon fiber drive shaft.
    12. TIC 5 Speed shifter linkage.

    Hehehe....I couldn't wait, the current driveshaft was in bad shape so I swapped it out already.

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    Rebuilt/replaced the bushings on my Whiteline rear lateral links, plus front and rear end links. These things have seen better days.

    Here's just the rear end links to show how bad things where.

    Out with the old!

    In with the new!

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    Made a height adjustment to suspension. Needed the alignment rechecked and changed as well.

    Added a .5˚ negative camber to the rear.

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    Lots of nice parts on there. Good thread too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wreckingball man View Post
    Lots of nice parts on there. Good thread too!

    Thanks man!!

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    holy parts list.

    nice reference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Obvious View Post
    holy parts list.

    nice reference.

    Roger that! It's been a steady build, but it's starting to pick up. Plan to get out to the track more this year and get it dialed in. Along side building the motor.

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    I Support ClubWRX
    Great thread. Thanks for sharing!
    -The J 𒂼𒄄
    "Driving most supercars is like trying to manhandle a cow up a back staircase. . . This is like smearing honey into Keira Knightly" -JC

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    Awesome! I love it. Good work man.

    Sent from HTC One via Tapatalk

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    Should be getting some time to get the tranny out and the rear diff to have them rebuilt and upgraded. I will see about getting some picks of it all.

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    Finally added an interior shot to the original post.

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    Happy New Year!

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