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This is a discussion on "The Sleeper Must Awaken!" -04 WRX Wagon Project- within the Builds forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; I want to start auto X/ track days this summer. Idk maybe ill see you around OC...

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    I want to start auto X/ track days this summer. Idk maybe ill see you around OC
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    So got some good seat time up the Ortega this morning. Wanted to test the new tires and alignment settings.

    The temp outside during run this morning. 50

    Road temps 45 - 52 Shaded areas to sunny areas

    Best temps -----

    out---Front Left---in
    107 | 120 | 106

    in---Front Right---out
    106 | 125 | 113

    out---Rear Left---in
    105 | 112 | 113

    in---Rear Right---out
    106 | 108 | 100

    So what does this mean??
    Well this tells me (and my alignment-master-tech-guru-guy) if my current settings are working. In respects to properly using the tire along the three main regions of its contact surface. That being the outer edges and inner surface.

    If the temps were all over the place, either being hot on the inner edge and warm in the middle but colder on the outer edge, that would indicate that the car is not inducing proper mechanical grip and rolling onto the tire to plant it down into and through the turn as well the car could be too low meaning the roll center is too low so the car ends up pushing out along the surface of the tire instead of down onto it, resulting in the car losing grip and spinning out or the tire screeching through the turn.

    Mostly...says if the alignment is setup correctly for the environment it will be in the most. (A.K.A. a twisty, technical road course / track.)

    These temps show the car is well planted.

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