Recently installed the RCE Front and Rear sway bar combo along with the Karboy Front/Rear Endlinks. Install wasnt too bad. It was made a little worse by the fact that the first night I did the rear sway the car was covered in snow, so as it melted in the garage it kept dripping from the exhaust and underside of the car onto my face and body.. was VERY COLD as I do not have a lift and was on my back in the garage... when it is below freezing outside haha Did the front sway the next day after leaving the car there overnight and it was much easier.

After installing both sways, putting them both in the stiffest position, and the Kartboy endlinks, the car handles much much better than before. Drastically reduced body roll and increased responsiveness on turn in. Its as if the car now seems more eager to dart into a corner when you turn the wheel, and during the corner the car remains very flat and stable. I am very happy as to the difference it has made to the handling of the car and and can't wait to address the springs and shocks next, most likely with a bilstein damper/RCE spring combo to finish it off.

On another note, just ordered an FMS FMIC, KSTech 73mm Intake and a Tomioka Racing TB hose to replace the crappy stock TB hose. I'll be having the piping for the intercooler and intake powdercoated locally... And having them done in a color not too often seen.. Its going to be eye catching when I pop the hood lets just say

Ill post some pics when its done!